Groenen Creek 7mm, On-30, American Logging

Layout Summary

The layout is based on American logging practises in the 1940's. It is constructed in the scale on On-30, meaning it is based in 7mm but has 4mm (OO) track work. It uses a Digitrax DCC system for control which allows for finer control of the layout.

Layout Description

Groenen Creek is an On-30 logging layout based on American practice during the 1940s. It is freelance in design with ideas drawn from various sources. One of the main objectives was to have fun and provide a layout that is slightly different from many others. The layout is viewable on up to 3 sides and the scenic area measures 10 feet by 8 feet. The layout is operated with DCC which gives us greater flexibility in locomotive control.

There is a through station where the main narrow gauge line connects with the logging line that climbs up through the trees to the timber felling operations off-scene. Although the track plan is an oval, we operate the layout more like an end-to-end arrangement. To the west of Groenen Creek is the local mill, a harbour on the west coast and the cities of Redwood and Sloe Rapids. To the east is the local quarry and Upwood Falls. In addition to the services to and from these locations there are frequent trains up and down the logging line.

Most of the rolling stock is ready-to-run with some kit or scratch-built examples. Many of the RTR locomotives are made by Bachmann with other examples by Broadway Limited. Some of the locos are fitted with sound decoders but not all.

All the buildings except one are scratch built and based on prototypes typical for the area. However we have been flexible with the dimensions to fit them all in! The track on the main line is code 80 by Micro Engineering and on the logging line it is hand-laid code 73. All the turnouts are handmade by various club members and operated by Tortoise motors.